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Wedding Video

M&G Events - Meet the Managers Conference Promo

M&G Pan European Dividend Fund - Fund Advert / Overview

M&G Global Basics Fund - Fund Manager Change + Overview of themes

Chelsea Flower Show - Press Day Highlights 

The Retirement Challenge "5 Years On"

Bond Vigilantes - War Loan

Chelsea Flower Show - Emma Reuss interviews Jo Thompson regarding the M&G garden

Bond Vigilantes - Research Trip - America

Bond Vigilantes - Research Trip - Hong Kong

M&G Event Sponsorship - Orticolario Promo

M&G Event Sponsorship - Kampagnendoku Promo

HR Department - Roz Jenkins highlighting the roles and responsibilities for a new position within the team for potential recruits

Bond Vigilantes - Book Review & Author interview - Bretton Woods

Bond Vigilantes Day - Live vision mix with pre-record played in

M&G Event "Changall" - Holding loop

Tour du Burundi - M&G sponsored a charity bike ride across Burundi

M&G Chelsea Flower Show - Image Montage

New Fund Manager for M&G Global Growth Fund - Introduction to John William Olsen


"As Live" studio link up using 2x location crews and a phone line  


Voxpop's @ IFP Conference about RDR


Onsite interview with Pete Matthew @ IFP Conference


Investment Conference Promo '13

EU MARKETING: Vienna Investment Conference - Promo '13

EU MARKETING: Spanish Investment Conference

UK MARKETING: Investment Conference '12

UK MARKETING: Adviser Forum 

UK MARKETING: Institutional Events Promo

UK MARKETING: OBSR users website tutorial

UK MARKETING: Adviser Workstation Update

UK RETAIL: Pension Basics


EU RETAIL: Finnish Investment Fair (Interview)

On-location single camera interview

EU RETAIL: Vienna Investment Conference (Interview)

On-Location Mock 2x Camera interview

UK Internal: Fire Safety Exits demo

Celebrating 25years of FAX

Aberdeen Asset Management - Fund Anniversary Promo Video

An ISA Film  

JP Morgan Asset Mangement

European Best Ideas 


Graduate Film

Aberdeen Asset Management

Pippa Malmgren - Geopolitical Update


Internal: Global Sales Forum, Company Feature Capitalat

International Sovereign Bond Fund


Pan-European Equity 

Aberdeen Asset Managers

Global Futures Fund - Aspect Capital

Skandia Investment Group

Latin America Fund

Aberdeen Asset Managers

Sarasin Agrisar Fund Advert

Sarasin & Partners

Quantifi - Event Highlights

Pensions Intelligence Roadshow Promo

Aberdeen Asset Managers

ING Real Estate - Infomercial

Corporate Promo

Aberdeen Asset Managers