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White Marble

White Marble commissioned a series of videos for their members, titled Views Insights & Perspectives. This was a continuation of the “Expert Speaker Series” and included interviews with high flying marketeers in the industry. 

The videos were filmed using 1x camera to save costs but were edited to give the impression of a 2x camera interview. We setup the room ready for filming then recorded the answers first before resetting the room and lights to record the questions. The footage was then compiled using Adobe Premiere Pro and we re-used a previously created animation sting for the intro and outro with a only a few minor tweaks. 

FMN (VIP) - Simon Hynes - LGIM

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FMN (VIP) Verona Smith

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FMN (VIP) - Tom Hughes - Allianz

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FMN VIP series - Marcus Bolitho

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FMN (VIP) - Scott Stevens - VIDEO 1

FMN (VIP) - Scott Stevens - VIDEO 2

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