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Livingbridge - UK Micro Cap Fund - Ken Wotton

An introduction to the Livingbridge UK Micro Cap Fund, this video was shot in just one day. We recorded the interview with Ken and then captured B-Roll around the office. The footage was then compiled together in Adobe Premier & Adobe Aftereffects to add basic graphics and production music. 

Livingbridge - Market Outlook - Ken Wotton

To make good use of the fund managers time and to keep costs down we also recorded a market update at the same time and edited that in the same fashion

Evenlode self-shot videos

For this series of videos we worked with the client to setup a studio environment in their offices to allow them to make videos in a cost effective manner at their own convenience. We made equipment recommendations and once the equipment was onsite we installed and setup the equipment then provided training on how to use it.

The client now shoot their own videos and just send them over via electronic transfer for editing.

Evenlode - Investment View - HughYarrow

Evenlode Investment View - Hugh Yarrow

Evenlode - Global Income Fund - Healthcare

Evenlode - Tilney Conference - Hugh Yarrow

Evenlode - Investment View - Hugh Yarrow

Evenlode - Switzerland - Ben and Sawan

Evenlode - Investment View - Hugh Yarrow

Evenlode - Stewardship Framework

Evenlode - AI & Blockchain with Ben Peters

Evenlode - Kone - Chris Moore

Evenlode - Investment View - Hugh Yarrow

Evenlode - Key Stock Qualities - Hugh Yarrow

Evenlode - Global investment view - Ben Peters

Evenlode - Quality Compounders - Hugh Yarrow

Evenlode - Investment View with Hugh Yarrow