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PGIM wanted to record some fund updates with Greg Peters while he was visiting London, The videos needed some basic graphics and a soundtrack to suit.

We recorded two videos in the same day meaning that we were as cost effective as possible and also that we made best use of the fund managers time during his brief trip to London. Once we have finished filming we compiled the footage using Adobe Premiere Pro. 

PGIM - Fixed Income Outlook - Greg Peters + SUBTITLES

PGIM - Absolute Return - Greg Peters + SUBTITLES

Evenlode fund updates

These videos are self-shot by the team at Evenlode in an in-house studio that we setup back in 2017. Once they had recorded the video they sent the footage via internet transfer with some acoompanying edit notes. Once downloaded and loaded onto the edit suite we simply edit the content together in accordance to the edit notes provided.

Evenlode - Investment View - Hugh Yarrow

Evenlode - Global Investment View - Ben Peters

Gresham House - Micro Cap Fund - Market Outlook - Website Version

Having previously utilised a re-edited video that was used before the company changed ownership Gresham house were keen to create their own versions of the fund overview videos. We recorded two videos in 1x day and then shot some fresh B-Roll. This along with the stock B-Roll we had captured previously made the final product rich with visual messaging. We setup for the first interview in a large meeting room then once that was complete we reset the room fo the second interview and finished the day with some B-roll. Once complete the footage was edited together in Adobe Premiere Pro were basic graphics and production music were added to the videos

Gresham House - UK Multi Cap Income Fund - Brendan Gulston

Gresham House - UK Micro Cap Fund - Ken Wotton

White Marble

White Marble commissioned a series of videos for their members, titled Views Insights & Perspectives. This was a continuation of the “Expert Speaker Series” and included interviews with high flying marketeers in the industry. 

The videos were filmed using 1x camera to save costs but were edited to give the impression of a 2x camera interview. We setup the room ready for filming then recorded the answers first before resetting the room and lights to record the questions. The footage was then compiled using Adobe Premiere Pro and we re-used a previously created animation sting for the intro and outro with a only a few minor tweaks. 

FMN (VIP) - Simon Hynes - LGIM

Top Tips

FMN (VIP) Verona Smith

Social media soundbite

FMN (VIP) - Tom Hughes - Allianz

Social media soundbite

FMN VIP series - Marcus Bolitho

Social media soundbite

FMN (VIP) - Scott Stevens - VIDEO 1

FMN (VIP) - Scott Stevens - VIDEO 2

Social media soundbite


LF Livingbridge UK Multi Cap Fund Video

Livingbridge wanted to make a promotional video introducing clients to their UK Multi Cap Fund. We agreed on a filming day and booked some time for setup, 2x interview & some B-roll all in the same day. Once the filming was complete the footage was taken into the edit suite and compiled using Adobe Premiere Pro. Once the first cut was complete we added basic graphics using Adobe Aftereffects and then finished the video with some licensed production music.

LF Livingbridge UK Micro Cap Fund - Outlook

To maximise the ROI and fund managers time we also recorded an outlook video on the same day